A Multi-Functional Platform

Streamline and define your product content

E-commerce sales are growing, and in a digital world, consumers expect product information to be readily available online. To keep a pace with the growing demands of the consumer, brands and retailers must invest in new ways of working together.

Here’s where BrandSync comes in. BrandSync provides brands and retailers with a user-friendly, innovative platform where product information can be shared, managed, enhanced and customized, all in one place, and all with maximum efficacy and convenience.


BrandSync has been a very useful and helpful platform for sharing product information with our partners.

Sunny Brar Lindt & Sprüngli
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Keeping track of requests and updates from multiple sources can be challenging and time-intensive. BrandSync gives its users a clear overview of all their activities and the corresponding status of each one, helping ensure that task lists are proficiently managed.

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Guarantee that your product content is fit for publishing with our Review and Approve function. With this handy tool, you can resolve data gaps, enrich content, and validate data on our platform to reduce errors and deliver accurate information.

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When you log in to BrandSync, your dashboard provides you with an overview of your ongoing tasks, activities, messages, and notifications. From here, you can draw a focus on your priorities and tackle your pending workload accordingly.

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Getting the right results means working with the right people. Delegate and define BrandSync users to ensure the most effective collaboration. Role-based access control reduces the likelihood of errors and miscommunication, instead promoting and strengthening productivity between brands and retailers.

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Part of the key to quality data is relevant data. You can customize attributes according to preference to create product content that satisfies all parties. Fields can be created and edited in line with specific requirements across multiple channels.

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Communication is a focal component of any good collaboration with a successful outcome. The BrandSync platform facilitates just that with an inbuilt notification function that opens up channels of communication between brands and retailers, with smooth collaboration and improved data quality as the end result.