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A Solution for Healthcare Providers

Bringing efficiency through technology

The functioning of the healthcare sector ecosystem demands having accurate master data sourced from manufacturers for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Without it, hospitals would have major negative impacts on patient safety and would be unable to fully comply with the health authority regulations. With BrandSync, hospitals and other healthcare organizations can greatly benefit from having accurate and reliable master data under one central and secure product information hub. With accurate master data and a trusted and efficient place to store and manage information, our platform ultimately guarantees patient safety, adherence to health authority requirements, and overall effectiveness for healthcare organizations with medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

BS website HC page.jpg

Shifting demographics, cross-organizational initiatives, and agile approaches are changing the way information workers do their jobs.

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Product Information Management

When product attributes are located in different places, managing product information can become an arduous task, often arising in error. Put an end to the days of searching through multiple files, spreadsheets, and legacy platforms by streamlining your data through BrandSync. Use our smart platform to store and organize all your product information in one central location, and manage it hassle-free and with efficiency. Our platform standardizes product information, making data organized, more consistent, and more reliable. When you have additional needs, BrandSync provides you with a direct route of communication with brands, ensuring that your queries are traceable and rapidly resolved.

Digital Asset Management

Consolidate your data. Not only does the BrandSync platform provide you with a purpose-built location to sort your digital assets, but it also ensures that the files you upload are mapped to the corresponding product information. Tailor digital assets to your own requirements without the extra hassle of mapping files and data from several places. Editing and adjustments can be made within the BrandSync platform, allowing you to quickly manage images and information.

Product Content Onboarding

Stocking your digital shelves is made easier by connecting with the BrandSync platform. Product information and digital assets are readily available in a consistent format through our user-friendly portal. Quickly locate the complete content that you need from one familiar source.

Product Content Distribution

The BrandSync platform instantly makes product content distribution simpler and more systematized. With the consistent format and single source that BrandSync possesses, healthcare retailers can easily locate the information they need.