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Here's a look at one of our biggest projects in healthcare with the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention


As the demand for pharmaceutical products grows, hospitals and pharmacies need to ensure that all medicines are safe and authentic for patients to use.

Protecting public health, contributing to increased population happiness and sustainability, and ensuring reliable, safe, effective, and easily accessible healthcare requires creating best in class solutions through digital technologies and simple processes that connect the entire stakeholder community in close cooperation. Tatmeen is a highly advanced track and trace digital platform for pharmaceutical products by the Ministry of Health and Prevention that enables the identification and tracking of drugs sold in the UAE, and ensures public health safety and the security of healthcare services at every step. This is done from a central command center using the unique GS1 standard serialized barcodes, which are scanned in stores, pharmacies, and hospitals, while all stakeholders register and upload the required product master data on BrandSync.

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tatmeen logo.png

Benefits of Tatmeen

Here are a few of the many benefits of Tatmeen